I write to explore the territories where cultures converge

Firefly River

" I seek to live a pleasure twice. What beckons is a dark river and a silent symphony of light. A memory of a night when trees pulsed with a bioluminescent glow. It was 1992 on the Selangor River. West Malaysia. Flashing on and off in synchrony, congregating fireflies. In Malay they are kelip-kelip."

1966 Journal Spring 2014 (p.80) >


The Dead Cities of Syria

"Within the neighborhood of memories that are journeys, I have a house that is Syria. I began the building before I left home: I read guidebooks, made reservations, got visas."


Stykkishólmur Harbor_sm.jpg

Walking on Seafloor in Iceland

"We traveled to Iceland, writer and photographer, to feast upon the island's volcanoes and geysers, ice caps and shorelines, hot springs and headlands. We went to walk on seafloor that has recently emerged at the surface of the planet, to observe for ourselves some of Earth's newest scenery."

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